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People love animals and sex sells,… January 5, 2006

Posted by Sky Low Low in Porn.

Man saving a real sheep by using an inflatable one for his pleasureActually I must confess, I don’t love animals that much. With that much I mean I don’t want to hurt them. But hey, that’s no problem! As always the adult industry comes to the rescue. Replicas of (parts of) animals or waiting to share some good moments with you, to protect their living friends. Everybody knows the inflatable sheep creative lovers can use it on their bicycle, in their pool or the daredevils even in front of the police. And of course we have the inflatable dolphin and his friend the inflatable whale. But creativity with the dolphin doesn’t stop there. The dolphin replica is known as a very sexual active thing. The dolphin dildo/buttplug, the Dual G-Spot Waterproof Dolphin, the Dolphin Clitoral Strap-On Vibrator and the Mini Dolphin that delivers you the pocket-friendly vibe are only few of the dozens of dolphin toys that are out there.
If you don’t like the water that much, like my sister, your not really a dolphin person. But don’t worry, you can always lean back on the more traditional stuffed horse.
Be sure to give your animal replica the much needed attention, if you can’t handle it you can always just buy a masturbating monkey that does all the stuff for you.

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1. shannon benben - January 13, 2006

if i could screw a cow…i would

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