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Ungay Midgets January 9, 2006

Posted by Sky Low Low in Midgets, Porn.

Midget getting bangedApparently people want midgets, gay ones if I can believe my site statistics. Well to show that I really don’t care shit about my visitors I’m posting some Ungay Midgets. The problem with finding ungay midgets is, all f*cking midgets look gay. And if they don’t, they’re plainugly that look like a sick bastard did some bad photoshopping. The actual meaning of a midget is someone that has the right proportions but smaller, that means this site doesn’t have any real midgets. Don’t forget to check this one, if you’re in for a midget with a smaller head than you’d expect (rare! most have a bigger head). Scroll down to Elmer & Cindy. Enough one on one midget action. What about this two midget gangbang galleries 1 2.
Enough for you tonight you disgusting bastard that you’re even reading this SHAME ON YOU.




1. shannon benben - January 12, 2006

mmmm where is the midgit love at?! right here baby, and i looooooooove midgits! if there are any midgits out there who want a full grown sexy body, get at me! kiss kiss!

2. mandy mabon - January 13, 2006

hey baby, im a girl midget and im 4 foot tall with boobs that hang to the ground! sex me sometime! see ya babe!

3. Mr - November 16, 2006

im a midget man im 4 feet tall but my cock is 9 inches , but looks bigger as im so small so it has got it’s advantages .

4. Mr - November 16, 2006

Ps I am GAY

5. Frank - November 20, 2006

I would love to see any pictures possible of a nude male midget. My Bf and I are curious. We think the little guys are hot! So if you can ablige us, it would be great.


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