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Dolphin International January 12, 2006

Posted by Sky Low Low in Porn, Uncategorized.

Who can honestly name it’s company Dolphin International and only produce Gay Porn DVD’s. If I would start an adult company I would exploit the huge hole in the market of midget bestiality especially with dolphins (never seen by the eyes of yours truly). Or what about a dating service going by the same name. You think you can date a dolphin… nope, only hopeless fat Russian widows.
Really, the dolpin is rarely exploited in a company that calls itself Dolpin International:

Established in the year 1995 the company, DOLPHIN INTERNATIONAL is dedicated largely to QUARRYING & EXPORTING OF INDIAN RED ROUGH GRANITE BLOCKS, namely P.G. RED, KADUR RED(K.R.RED) & DAM RED, all of which are also known as ILKAL RED..

BTW about my dolphin midget project, I found this:

The Midget Dolphins won the 2005 “John Rhynold Memorial Christmas Tournament” held at Chebucto Arena on Dec.26th – Dec.29th. The Dolphins went undefeated in the tournament playing the Halifax Civics in the Championship game to a 2-0 victory. Great hockey action and discipline was displayed by the Dolphin players throughout the tournament. The coaches, Tom Wakeham and Paul Helwig and the parents are really proud of each and everyone of you. Good job boys.

Maybe I’ll ask them for an audition




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