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It’s been too long January 26, 2009

Posted by Sky Low Low in Midgets, Porn.
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Holy Moly Macaroni

Lil Paloma in ActionIt’s more than two years ago that something got posted on this blog. It makes me happy that even when the content doesn’t get updated still approximately fifteen people a day keep visiting this site. But what am I waiting for, you’re not here for the sweet talk I guess.

As an avid fan of this blog, you probably know that finding stuff with midgets is an art that only the true google masters obtain, and not without talent and several hours of training a day. As a relaunch of this beauty of a blog and to show off my google mastery, I thought: “what the hell, I give them some shemale midgets, that must be some hard to find midget jewel”. Now was that assumption wrong, just fire up google and type “midgets shemale” and the top hit shetrannies.com gives you everything your filthy shemale midget loving heart desires (most of the content is from Lil Paloma and Rubys Rod, so skip the TGP and go directly there for some higher quality shemale midget porn). Though I must say that Lil isn’t the most beautiful and there are way nicer looking full size shemales, with full sized artificial boobies, yummie (and I actually suspect that Ruby is either related to Lil or the same thing).

Conclusion of the day: shemale midget porn is easy to find, but there’s a big market for nice looking shemale midgets.


Ungay Midgets January 9, 2006

Posted by Sky Low Low in Midgets, Porn.

Midget getting bangedApparently people want midgets, gay ones if I can believe my site statistics. Well to show that I really don’t care shit about my visitors I’m posting some Ungay Midgets. The problem with finding ungay midgets is, all f*cking midgets look gay. And if they don’t, they’re plainugly that look like a sick bastard did some bad photoshopping. The actual meaning of a midget is someone that has the right proportions but smaller, that means this site doesn’t have any real midgets. Don’t forget to check this one, if you’re in for a midget with a smaller head than you’d expect (rare! most have a bigger head). Scroll down to Elmer & Cindy. Enough one on one midget action. What about this two midget gangbang galleries 1 2.
Enough for you tonight you disgusting bastard that you’re even reading this SHAME ON YOU.


Hard to find gay midgets January 3, 2006

Posted by Sky Low Low in Midgets.

To get this site the way I want, I looked to find some good midget pictures to put in the about box. Guess what. Midget pictures are not so easily to find. Even the stuff half of the net is filled with like gay stuff etc. is not so easy to find with midgets. I agree, you have the midget doing some bestiality, but it’s hard to find some decent/good picture of a gay midget (although it’s a common search term in google).
Try it yourself if you don’t believe me.
Finally we settled with some wrestling midgets being Sky Low Low and Little Beaver (who were good friends in real life):
SKy Low Low and Little Beaver
Pictures of gay midgets or other midget minority groups may always be sent.

May the midget be with you,
Sky Low Low

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