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Bookmarklet (especially for wordpress.com users) January 3, 2006

Posted by Sky Low Low in Useful.

This post is obsolete as the wordpress.com repaired the bookmark

As you can see we’re users of the free wordpress.com service. Due to reasons i don’t know they removed the bookmarklet (javascript that you can put in your bookmarks so you can post about a webpage just by clicking the bookmarklet). I checked the wordpress codex and found the javascript code for the bookmarklet and updated it so it could be used for Safari (also works for mozilla)*.
If you want to use it copy the code and replace cmfl.wordpress.com by your own url, paste it in a new html file, open the file with your browser and drag the link to your bookmarks. Done.

<a href="javascript:Q='';Q=window.getSelection();
+escape(Q)+'&popupurl='+escape (location.href)+'&popuptitle='+
btw.focus();">Press it</a>

* if you want to use this code with IE for mac, iCab, Opera or Netscape: replace window.getSelection() by document.getSelection()
if you want to use this code with IE 5 or 6 for win: replace window.getSelection() by document.selection.createRange().text

Sky Low Low

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