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The Biggest Gay Zoo Toons site ever ! January 3, 2006

Posted by Sky Low Low in Porn.
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Camel and BoyChecking out all the pleasure a dolphin can get, one begins wondering, what about all the other animals in the big kingdom of mister lion. Some googling pointed out that the internet explains us the love-making of lots of animals. For example take The Biggest Gay Zoo Toons site ever ! gives us nice insight in the love life of a camel. Because the owners don’t want to violate any animal rights they thought, why not simulate it. This idea lead to magnificent pieces of modern art and still lifes that would’ve made Van Gogh jealous. Too bad you need a BeastID (not kidding) to enter. But don’t worry on Beast ID – Free Bestiality there are free goats, dalmatians, monkeys and even some good old fashioned 3D incest waiting for you.
Say goodbye to Hollywood or Bollywood, say hello to Zollywood.

Disclaimer: before you start giving the animals the time of their life please be aware that the animal may be killed by infidels who consider the animal tainted after the deed.

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Dolphins and their pleasure January 3, 2006

Posted by Sky Low Low in Porn.

DolphinWe all know our little friend the dolphin needs some pleasure now and then. And for those who still have questions about how to do it, there is a very clear guide that describes the tips and tricks. But if you really want to show your love for your favorite animal, you can always marry your beloved dolphin. More dolphin news on DolphinNews, Newspaper for Dolphin Lovers.


Bookmarklet (especially for wordpress.com users) January 3, 2006

Posted by Sky Low Low in Useful.

This post is obsolete as the wordpress.com repaired the bookmark

As you can see we’re users of the free wordpress.com service. Due to reasons i don’t know they removed the bookmarklet (javascript that you can put in your bookmarks so you can post about a webpage just by clicking the bookmarklet). I checked the wordpress codex and found the javascript code for the bookmarklet and updated it so it could be used for Safari (also works for mozilla)*.
If you want to use it copy the code and replace cmfl.wordpress.com by your own url, paste it in a new html file, open the file with your browser and drag the link to your bookmarks. Done.

<a href="javascript:Q='';Q=window.getSelection();
+escape(Q)+'&popupurl='+escape (location.href)+'&popuptitle='+
btw.focus();">Press it</a>

* if you want to use this code with IE for mac, iCab, Opera or Netscape: replace window.getSelection() by document.getSelection()
if you want to use this code with IE 5 or 6 for win: replace window.getSelection() by document.selection.createRange().text

Sky Low Low

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Hard to find gay midgets January 3, 2006

Posted by Sky Low Low in Midgets.

To get this site the way I want, I looked to find some good midget pictures to put in the about box. Guess what. Midget pictures are not so easily to find. Even the stuff half of the net is filled with like gay stuff etc. is not so easy to find with midgets. I agree, you have the midget doing some bestiality, but it’s hard to find some decent/good picture of a gay midget (although it’s a common search term in google).
Try it yourself if you don’t believe me.
Finally we settled with some wrestling midgets being Sky Low Low and Little Beaver (who were good friends in real life):
SKy Low Low and Little Beaver
Pictures of gay midgets or other midget minority groups may always be sent.

May the midget be with you,
Sky Low Low

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